Exhibitions > La Esquina Gallery: Staging Ground

IHNW did a performance/installation as part of the Staging Ground exhibition curated by Lilly McElroy at La Esquina Gallery in 2019

Staging Ground
January 25th to February 23 rd
La Esquina Gallery
Kansas City, MO

In Staging Ground, the landscape is treated as subject, object, and location; a place for action, representation, and romanticization. Artists JE Baker, Carl Baratta, The Blue River Road Investigators ( Trey Hock and Brent Jackson ), IHNW (Christopher Carroll and Lilly McElroy, Rachel Frank, Jenny Kendler, eduardo restrepo, and Rodrigo Valenzuela engage with the natural world using the landscape as a site for performance, intervention, fabrication, and exploration in order to address the storied relationship between humans and nature. These artists intrude upon a wilderness in which they can never completely belong, yet, drawing upon Agamben’s notion of shifting realities, they confront this separation, demonstrating their own reverential and at times hubristic tendencies in the process.